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• Tri-cone Drill Bits; Roller Cone Bits;

Open Bearing Steel Tooth Bits

• Tungsten Carbide Insert Drill Bits

• Drill Bit Sub Adaptors

• Drill Fluid & Additives

• New Replacement Engines by Briggs

and Stratton, Tecumseh, Kohler, and


• Drag Bits - 3 & 4 Blade

• Oil Field Grade Tri-Cone

• 12 Volt Water Well -Battery Pumps

• Drilling Manuals




PORTADRILLMINI ® Drill is a Registered TradeMark Name  

 PORTADRILLMINI U.S. Patent # 6315059


No matter the drilling


A&D Drilling Supply is a leading manufacturer,

supplier and consulting firm in the drilling

industry, offering state-of-the-art drilling

equipment, related drilling product, supplies

and consulting.

Allan Geldean, who serves as president and

owner of the company began drilling in

1988. Allan made the natural progression

from working on big rigs for 11 years to

becoming a manufacturer and supplier of

quality drilling products.

A&D Drilling Supply also provides in-depth

drilling consulting and assistance with

project coordination and planning, quote

coordination and cost analysis.

As a Licensed Water Well Driller in the State

of Florida, Alan also designed and patented

the “PORTADRILLMINI® Drill”, the latest

technology available in the market for

portable units drilling intended for confined

location drilling.

Allan and A&D Drilling Supply have expanded

their efforts beyond supplier to assist various

humanitarian groups and universities with

drilling projects around the world.

BioPro 190 BioDiesel Producer

clean burning, 100% BioDiesel fuel to power your

truck, car, tractor, generator, or any other diesel

equipment for a fraction of the cost!

Now you can make





location or difficult terrain, the PORTADRILLMINI

can get the job done quickly, easily and more



The PORTADRILLMINI® Drill, patented in 2001, is

the latest technology in portable drilling units, intended

for confined location water or oil well drilling. It is a

lightweight, simplified, and inexpensive alternative drilling

system that can drill wells to depths of up to 200 feet in

areas not currently accessible to conventional water well

drill equipment. The PORTADRILLMINI ® Drill can be easily

operated by one man and is constructed to negotiate

narrow passageways, passage through residential walk

gates and overhead utilities, and confined spaces found

in residential well drilling. The PORTADRILLMINI ® Drill

drilling unit is small and can quickly be manually mobilized

to be transported to drill water wells and bore holes in

even the most remote areas on earth. With four

versatile models to choose from (three gas units and

one diesel unit), the PORTADRILLMINI ® Drill offers

the industry drilling at a whole new level.





With the BioPro 190, the first fully automated, industrial grade biodiesel processor,

you can quickly and easily produce your own clean burning 100% biodiesel fuel. This

state-of-the-art system is designed for individual, commercial and agricultural use.


With the portable BioPro 190 producing fuel

is simple. There is no measuring or mixing of

chemicals required. Simply add vegetable oil,

methanol, and small amounts of sulfuric acid

and lye, and start the automated process. In

about 48 hours you will have approximately 50

gallons of clean, smooth-running biodiesel with

minimal operator involvement. The patented

logic controller has built-in fault protection,

providing self-monitoring and step-by-step

guidance to the operator. When finished,

simply fill your tank with the integrated, 12

G.P.M. fuel pump and go!


No matter what your job, or its

requirements, let A&D Drilling Supply

provide you the equipment your need

to get it done. A&D Drilling Supply

stands behind its equipment, and we

want to be there, not only as your

supplier, but your resource.


Large and Small Generators Don't Let Your

Business or Home Be without the Power You


A&D Drilling Supply offers an extensive line of

gasoline and diesel generators for residential

or commercial use. Large units offered include

Stateline generators with John Deere power

diesel engines. These units range in power

from 68 kw up to 400 kw, and are available

with or with out weather enclosure panels.

They come complete including radiator, muffler

with rain cap, engine block heater, battery rack

and cables, control panel with hour meter, volt

meter, ammeter and all the safety shutdowns.

All that's needed is a battery and diesel fuel!

For smaller electrical demands, DeWalt

Gasoline powered generators are available

providing jobsite reliability. Ranging from

2,900 watts to 7,000 watts, these high

quality, contractor grade units come

equipped with Honda Engines with low oil

shutoff and a maintenance-free, brushless

alternator for increased durability. They also

feature jobsite-tested frames with panel

protection bars, super-quiet muffler and idle

control for fuel economy and noise reduction

and include a wheel kit, handle kit, lifting hook

and spark plug wrench.


6401 SW 87th Avenue, Suite 207

Miami, Florida U.S.A.

Phones: 305.271.6797 / 305.345.7068

Fax: 305.271.4990

Never be left in the dark again.






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