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Drilling Success in Rwanda , Africa

Dec 7, 2004

Good Day Allan,

Here the up-date on the drilling in Kigali, Rwanda.

As indicated Samuel did drill yesterday on a big cattle
farm out side
of Kigali,
Samuel was able to find lots of water where 3 previous
drilling company was not able to find any. ( 2 from Africa
and 1 from Germany )

Samuel told me he use the instruction manual to locate and
find the perfect place where he should drill, the farmer
ask him to drill at a specific
but Samuel told the farmer it was not the best place, so
after reading
the instructions
from your manual he was able to determine the best possible
location for
which he did find the farmer was so happy. he drill approx.
40' then hit
rocks drill for 75 minutes and just when he was about to
give up, he
manage to hit soft material
and finally lots of water. He is presently using the
Commercial Super
Heavy Duty Portadrillmini
with a gas eng. with a Air compressor and a 6" Drag Bit. I
suggest him
to use a 6" Tri-Cone
for drilling in rock formation.
So he drill this 120' well in 8 hrs.
He was drilling in a mountain range. So far he as
successfully drill 3
wells and will be drilling another
8 wells before he comes back to Canada for Christmas.

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