Wind Powered Generators
Produce Electricity from wind power

From the Innovative Leader in 12 Volt Solutions , Including Solar and Wind turbine Technologies 

400 Watt Air X Wind Generator --------CLICK HERE TO ORDER---

Wind Generator Delivers up to 400 Watts or 27 Amps


900 Watt Wisper 100 Wind Turbine Generator

Rated power: 900 Watts of power  Turbine Generator

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400 Watt Sunforce Air X Marine Wind Generator Turbine

Marine Use

Produces 400 Watts of Generator power

Sunforce Air X Marine Wind Generator Turbine — Model# 44446


Tower Mounting Kit for item # AD339981


Sunforce Wind Generator Turbine ā€” 600 Watts, Model# 45444

This Sunforce wind generator turbine is small yet versatile turbine and can produce up to 600 Watts. It is field adjustable for 12V or 24V applications, making it ideal for backup and off-grid power. It features a special coating that protects the generator in marine or coastal environments, making it suitable for inland or marine locations. The turbine begins to supply power in wind speeds as low as 2.5 MPH and includes overspeed protection at 1300 RPM. It also includes an MPPT charge controller that maximizes power output for optimal charging capability and battery health.


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