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NorTrac Bulldozer — 30 HP

 Incredibly strong and versatile 30 HP bulldozer reduces hours of work in minutes! The 3-cylinder, 30 HP diesel engine provides enough power to move dirt and gravel around your jobsite. The manual 8 forward and 2 reverse speed transmission provides the right gear for any situation. Engine perfomance is monitored by the fuel, oil pressure, and temperature gauges as well as the Amp meter and tachometer. The 8 gallon fuel tank provides enough fuel to run for up to 6 hours on a single fill. With a category I rear hitch and 540/1000 RPM PTO, the dozer can be used with implements such as a backhoe, post hole digger, cultivator, log splitter and more! The 6 way blade is 64 1/2in. W x 26in. H. The blade has a 20in. lift and will dig down to 8in. The 43 1/8in. gauge steel track has a maximum ground pressure of 4.96 PSI. Track width is 10 1/4in. Crawler is 122in. L x 64 1/2in. W x 84 1/4in. H. Consumer use 6 month limited warranty on parts and labor.


NorTrac Tractor — 20 HP, 4 Wheel Drive
The ideal tractor to have for around the home, at work or on the farm! Use for plowing and hauling big loads along with other agricultural and industrial activities. FREE power steering is included. 540 and 1000 RPM PTO. Three cylinder liquid-cooled diesel. 2 stage clutch with live PTO. 4-wheel drive works great for pulling out of mud and snow. Control panel includes fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, hour meter, Amp meter and temperature gauge. 3 point category 1 hitch. Canopy also included. Limited 6 month warranty on parts and labor.

Orig.: $7,972.00
Sale: $6,200.00

NorTrac Tractor — 25 HP, 4 Wheel Drive
Tough labor doesn't have to be tough on you. Superior plowing and hauling with power steering and 2-stage clutch with live PTO. 540 and 1000 RPM PTO. Control panel allows you to monitor fuel, oil pressure, hours and Amps. Comes with a 3-point hitch and canopy. Three cylinder liquid cooled diesel. Consumer use 6 month limited warranty on parts and labor.


NorTrac Tractor — 30 HP, 4 Wheel Drive

Versatile and easy to use, our new category 1, 30 HP tractor comes with a handy double stage clutch and three point hitch. Three cylinder, water cooled four stroke engine with a maximum 2000 RPM. Eight forward and two reverse speeds. 540/720 PTO speeds. 10ft. long with a ground clearance of nearly one foot. Truck ship. Includes Limited 6 Month Parts/Labor Warranty.

Orig.: $13,288.00
Sale: $9,800.00

NorTrac Tractor — 40 HP
Our powerful 40 HP tractor is equipped with a handy double-stage clutch, LIVE PTO and Category 1 3-pt. hitch, making it versatile and easy to use. Features a 3-cylinder, water-cooled four-stroke engine with a maximum 2200 RPM. Eight forward and four reverse speeds. 540/1000 PTO speeds. 10ft. long with a 12.8in. ground clearance.


Bobcat Used (Skid Loader) — Model# 763, Year 1996
Used skid loaders with low total hours of use are in great condition. 46 HP diesel engines. Each skid loader comes with at least 50% tread remaining on tires, a new battery, hydrostatic four wheel drive and adjustable cushion seat. High quality skid loaders also come with lift arm and BOBCAT® Interlock Control System. 1500-lb. rated operating capacity. U.S.A.


Bobcat Used (Skid Loader) — Model# 763, Year 1997


Bobcat Used (Skid Loader) — Model# 763, Year 1998

Orig.: $19,373.00
Sale: $16,400.00

Bobcat Used (Skid Loader) — Model# 763, Year 1999


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"Equipment  Lease / Finance Programs. " 

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